Guinness World Records for the bearing industry, the world's smallest steel ball bearing

wallpapers Technology 2020-03-06

In Tokyo, Japan, MinebeaMitsum Co., Ltd. announced that its steel balls had been awarded the Guinness World Records title of "Minimal Commercial Steel Ball Bearings." Its representative diameter from the Guinness World Records Co., Ltd. is only 1.4978 mm.

MinebeaMitsum has been trying to prove its ability to produce the smallest mass-produced bearings. In 2009, it successfully broke the barrier of 2mm steel ball bearings and also paved the way for this ultra-small ball bearing.

The record bearing size is 1.5 mm outer diameter, 0.5 mm inner diameter, and six steel balls in a length of 0.65 mm wide. Its compactness and accuracy comply with JIS codes.

Ikko Koyama said at the Karuizawa Plant: "The 1.5 mm outer diameter of steel ball bearings can break the record. Thanks to the efforts of our team throughout the production process, I'm happy that bearings are often ignored. We boldly try to manufacture The miniaturized bearing size that can be brought to the market. It made me realize that there is nothing to be done with effort, and nothing is impossible.

The world's smallest fingertip top can be placed on your nails. Fingertip gyro is undoubtedly one of the most popular decompression toys in 2020. According to media, Cnet reports, the official Guinness World Records recently announced "the world's smallest fingertip gyroscope." How small is this fingertip top? You might mistake it for a crumb. Japanese company MinebeaMitsumi manufactures this fingertip top.

MinebeaMitsumi used what Guinness calls "the smallest commercial steel ball bearing" to make this gadget. A team of eight people spent two months building a fingertip top that was less than a quarter of an inch (about 5.09 mm) long. It has the same function as other fingertip tops, but you may need a pair of tweezers to pick it up.

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