Advances in cylindrical grinding software are leading to the widespread adoption of grinders

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With the continuous improvement of high precision and surface finishing requirements, technology-driven grinding software came into being. The software helps to calculate the feed, speed, the number of sparks, and other technological parameters to achieve high efficiency. Besides, the lack of skilled operators has led to high demand for grinding software.Therefore, manufacturers are working on developing advanced software to simplify the grinding process. Provides a graphical program that asks the operator which jobs are required, and then creates the plan accordingly. Therefore, it can be used by anyone who has no experience in NC operations or programming.The various benefits of grinding software, such as lower production costs and minimizing installation, grinding, and programming time, are expected to drive demand in the grinder market. According to the multiple sources, combined grinding software, reduces installation time by more than 10% for a single wheel and approximately 90% for four wheels. Besides, the software can also set the grinding method, speed, and feed speed, reduce production time.Also, the software provides critical features, including wheel balancing.That will help to improve the overall grinder market size forecast period.


• Bearing knowledge

The purpose of the rolling bearing lubrication is to reduce the internal friction and wear of the bearing to prevent burning and sticking.

1. Reduce friction and wear

In the contact part of the bearing ring, roller and retainer, avoid metal contact and reduce friction and wear.

2. Extend fatigue life

The rolling fatigue life of the bearing is prolonged if the rolling contact surface is lubricated well during rotation.

On the contrary, low oil viscosity, the lubricating oil film thickness is not right, then shorten.

3, Discharge friction heat, cooling

The circulation of the oil method can be oil produced by friction heat, or from the external temperature, refrigeration.

Prevent the bearing from overheating, prevent the lubricating oil itself from aging.

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