What conditions can IKO cause the bearing to overheat?

wallpapers Industry 2020-09-27
1. During the installation or inspection, whether the pump shaft and the motor shaft are concentric, and whether the pump shaft and the motor shaft are not concentric, causing vibration and bearing overheating.
2. IKO bearings is damaged and overheated. Replace with new bearings.
3. The aging of the filler, scratching the bushing and generating overheating will affect the fever of IKO bearings.
4. Bearing lubricant is not added correctly. Too much or too little will overheat IKO bearings.
5. Too little or leakage of transparent oil lubricant added to the bearings of multistage pumps will cause the bearings to overheat.
6. The lubricating oil in the oil tank deteriorates or enters the water, which may also cause the IKO bearing to overheat.
7. Insufficient or intermittent cooling water for bearings causes overheating of IKO bearings.
8. The gas corrosion of the multi-stage pump causes the pump body and bearings to overheat.

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