Two knowledge points about Graphene

wallpapers Industry 2020-09-30
[Graphene] is the standard "absolute two-dimensional carbon material." The so-called two-dimensional refers to the flat world. This material is a two-dimensional nano-scale material in the form of a hexagonal honeycomb composed of carbon atoms with sp orbitals and a lattice (grid) state. What is this concept?

If you have read "Three-Body", the structural strength has reached an unimaginable level. At the limit of the material science and technology level, the water droplets made of high-strength materials can achieve the ideal damage with the original collision method. Effect. This is the level of products made entirely of atomic-grade materials. It can be done with current technology, but I am afraid that the financial resources of many countries will not be able to create a decent "big drop".
Knowledge point 1: Graphene woven with carbon atoms is not ordinary graphite powder, and it is difficult to bear the high cost of manufacturing "nanowires"; the manufacturing cost of such single-atom thickness materials is more difficult to control because The requirements for process and technology are stringent.

All graphene materials are calculated in units of [grams]. The cost per gram of ordinary Graphene will be dozens of times that of platinum; this determines that it is impossible to use this material in the automotive field, but it isn't easy in the field of cutting-edge technology. Valuable.
Knowledge point 2: "Thermal power generation" is the magic of graphene batteries. In the familiar room temperature environment, the battery electrolyte will also have heat energy, and the copper ions in it are based on double-positive charges. The impact of the graphene belt at a speed of 300m/1s will generate considerable power.

And this energy is enough to hit the electrons to leave the graphene ribbon, and the electrons will choose Graphene with a "less resistance" (lower than the electrolyte) to form an electric current. So in theory, as long as cheap graphene batteries can be manufactured, electric vehicles can run hundreds of kilometres in the sun; however, breakthroughs in materials science are too tricky. It seems that such batteries can only be used in the aerospace field in the short term.

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