The first senior French official died of new crown pneumonia! The foreign trade industry was severely hit

wallpapers Industry 2020-03-30

On March 29. the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in France exceeded 40.000 on the 29th local time, and the number of hospitalized patients increased significantly; the first senior French official died of the same day with new crown pneumonia.

French Director-General of Health Salomon announced the latest epidemic statistics that night. On the 29th, 2599 new cases were confirmed in France, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases rose to 40.174. On the 29th, 292 new cases were added, and the increasing number of deaths rose to 2.606.

According to statistics from the French health department on the 29th, 12108 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, and 823 deaths had been reported in the Greater Paris area, including the capital Paris. This area remains the most severe area in France.

The first senior French official died on the 29th due to new crown pneumonia, which aroused the attention of all circles in France. The deceased is the current chairman of the Greater Paris Seine de Paris Paris, at the age of 75. He has served as minister of government several times during his lifetime and has served as Mayor of Anthony for 20 years. French President Macron and other dignitaries and various parties in the French court expressed their condolences over his death.

Devouring also confirmed that he was suffering from new coronary pneumonia and was hospitalized through a personal social media message three days ago. He said he was tired but felt that his condition had improved. He also thanked the medical staff. His condition quickly deteriorated, and he was declared dead.

With the spread of the epidemic globally, it has severely hit the foreign trade industry. The founder of FAGBEARING said: The global international trade industry is experiencing a cold winter, and we will step up recovery of production to ensure adequate supply and contribute to the worldwide economy. We have abundant inventory and 24-hour warehouse staff to ensure that customers can receive the goods by courier or air flight within five days.

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