The General Reason and Prevention Method of Bearing Overheat in Crusher

wallpapers Industry 2020-02-28
In the actual production, the bearing is suitable for all kinds of rotary support motion. The bearing in the crusher is used to connect the motor and rotor, rotor, and hammer piece. Especially when the hardness of the material in the crusher is large, the speed needs to be increased to produce significant impact force. This requires the bearing to have a high degree of finish in manufacturing, and try to avoid accidents such as overheating and accidental damage caused by friction.


In general, there are several reasons for the bearing overheating of the crusher:
1. The surface roughness of the bearing is damaged. If the severity is accidentally broken, the height of the two bearing seats is uneven, or the motor rotor is not concentric with the crusher rotor, the shaft will bear the impact of additional load, resulting in overheating of the bearing.
2. Too much, too little, or aged lubricating oil in the bearing. General lubrication accounts for 70% - 80% of bearing space, too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer.
3. Too much feeding. This is mainly because the feeding speed of the feeding device has not been adjusted well, the amount of primary nutrition is too much, the processing capacity of the crusher is too small, so it can not be crushed in time. It is blocked in the crushing cavity, the rotor resistance increases, resulting in overheating of the bearing.
4. If the fit between the bearing cover and the shaft is too tight or too loose, the bearing will overheat. Once this kind of problem occurs, in the operation of the equipment, there will be friction sound and visible swing.
To prevent the bearing from overheating, periodic maintenance and maintenance shall be carried out for the taking, lubrication shall be carried out on time, and whether the feeding device of the crusher is adequately set shall be checked from time to time. Therefore, in addition to solving problems in time, early preventive measures are also essential.
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