Essential characteristics of molybdenum disilicide ceramics

wallpapers Industry 2020-07-07
Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) is a vital silicide ceramic. The crystal structure of molybdenum disilicide is shown in the figure. Si atoms and Mo atoms form a two-dimensional closest-packed basic structure, in which Si atoms coordinate to the plane six of Mo atoms. If you consider this basic structure as a layer, you can use the layer stack to express the structure of MoSi2. That is, in the stack, Mo atoms overlap at the midpoint of the line connecting two Si atoms in the adjacent lower layer.  

A compound of silicon and molybdenum. Generally, silicon and molybdenum can be reacted under different process conditions to produce three compounds according to different ratios. Its chemical formula is Mo3Si, Mo5Si3 and MoSi2. MoSi2 is a tetragonal crystal system with a density of 6.3g/cm3, a melting point of 2030°C, a resistance of 21.6μΩ·cm at room temperature, and excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures. They are mainly used as a heating element in an oxidizing atmosphere below 1700℃.

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