Car Lubricant Plus Graphene or 25% Fuel Savings

wallpapers Industry 2020-02-21
According to statistics from relevant departments, as of 2019, the number of motor vehicles in India has reached 204 million, of which 130 million are vehicles. As one of the critical factors influencing the aftermarket demand for automobiles, vehicle ownership has brought vigorous business opportunities to the aftermarket.
As a rigidly needed product in the automotive aftermarket, lubricating oil is gradually popularizing with the concept of "repairing with maintenance," and more attention is paid to the protection of the engine. However, the mainstream products in the current lubricating oil market are more focused on engine lubrication and friction protection. The contradiction between the demands of the owners for the improvement of engine maintenance requirements and the functions of mainstream lubricant products requires oil additives to balance, and the market demand for oil additives has also increased.
Graphene oil additive can be said to be a dark horse in the engine maintenance market. Graphene is a two-dimensional material with a thickness of only one carbon atom. It has the thinnest thickness, the most significant strength, the best toughness, the lightest weight, the highest light transmittance, and the most energetic thermal conductivity. Although the performance of graphene is excellent, it will play its role when used in lubricant additives. However, if graphene is used in liquid, it needs to overcome a series of problems.
The graphene-added lubricating oil can be coated with a graphene film on the internal surface of the engine to keep the engine completely closed and promote full combustion of the fuel to reduce harmful gas emissions. At the same time, carburizing technology is used to repair cylinder wall wear Scratches to protect the engine better.
The supplementary effect of lubricating oil additives on traditional lubricating oils and the extreme protective effect of graphene, a two-dimensional nanomaterial on engines, will also gain more recognition through the market inspections.

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