Are cylindrical roller bearings the same as needle bearings

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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical rollers are in linear touch with the raceways and have a large radial load capacity. It's miles appropriate for both heavy and shock masses and excessive-velocity rotation.

Cylindrical roller bearing raceways and rolling our bodies are geometrically formed. After the stepped forward design, it has a better load wearing capability. The brand new structural layout of the flange and roller cease faces no longer best improves the axial bearing capability of the bearing, however, additionally improves the lubrication situations of the contact vicinity between the roller give up face and the flange. They are bearing overall performance.

Needle  bearings

Needle curler bearings are cylindrical roller bearings. Relative to their diameter, the rollers are thin and lengthy. This curler is called a needle roller. Although it has a small cross-phase, the bearing nevertheless has an excessive load-bearing capability. Needle curler bearings are ready with thin and long rollers, so the radial shape is compact. Whilst the inner diameter length and load capability are similar to other kinds of bearings, the outer diameter minimal, especially appropriate for support structures with confined radial installation dimensions.

Obviously, cylindrical roller bearings are not the same as needle bearings

The following is a detailed introduction to needle bearings

Advantages of needle roller bearings:

1. The friction coefficient of rolling bearing is smaller than that of sliding bearing, and the transmission efficiency is high. The friction coefficient of general sliding bearings is 0.08-0.12. while the friction coefficient of rolling bearings is only 0.001-0.005;

2. The rolling bearings have been standardized, serialized and universalized, suitable for mass production and supply, and very convenient to use and maintain;

3. Rolling bearings are made from bearing metal and are heat-treated. therefore, rolling bearings now not best have excessive mechanical homes and lengthy carrier lifestyles, however, can also keep the highly-priced non-ferrous metals used in the manufacture of sliding bearings;

4. The inner clearance of the rolling bearing is small, and the machining accuracy of each component is high, so the going for walks accuracy is excessive. On the identical time, the stress of the bearing can be improved by means of pre-loading. this is essential for precision equipment;

5. Some rolling bearings can support both radial and axial loads, so the structure of the bearing support can be simplified;

6. because the rolling bearing has high transmission efficiency and much less heat era, it may lessen the consumption of lubricating oil and shop lubrication and protection;

7. Rolling bearings may be easily applied to shafts in any orientation in space.

dangers of needle roller bearings:

Noise is large, the shape of the bearing seat is pretty complicated, and the value is excessive. Despite the fact that the bearing is well lubricated, mounted effectively, tightly included against dirt and moisture, and runs normally, they may, in the end, fail because of fatigue of the rolling touch surface.

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