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The application of cold rolled strip steel


About cold rolled strip steel

The so-called cold rolled strip is actually a thin, rectangular plate type of steel, their general thickness in 0.1-3mm, width in 100-2000mm, and length is generally longer. In terms of production process, the cold rolled strip is rolled by the cold mill at room temperature, and the finished cold rolled strip is generally packaged in rolls. Cold rolled strip steel also has many materials and models, but the general cold rolled strip steel will indicate the steel brand, through the brand we can know their material and specifications.


Because cold rolled strip steel has smooth surface, high dimensional accuracy, good mechanical properties and other excellent characteristics, it is widely used in various types of manufacturing industry, but also as an important raw material of building materials industry. At present, in some industrial developed countries, the output of cold rolled strip steel has accounted for about 30% of the entire steel output, in China, such as Baosteel, Anshan Steel, Tisco and other large steel companies have cold rolled strip steel production.


The application of cold rolled strip steel

The specific use of cold rolled strip steel is not a few words can be clear, a cold rolled strip steel in the end what kind of specific use is determined by its steel, material, specifications, performance and other factors, and the specific use of the same cold rolled strip steel may also be multiple aspects. If we want to make better use of cold rolled strip, we must first fully understand many different varieties of cold rolled strip.

Cold rolled strip steel can be divided into many kinds according to steel types and specifications, different types of cold rolled strip steel specific uses will have certain differences, but generally speaking, cold rolled strip steel is mainly used in automobile, shipbuilding, electric power, coal, light industry, household appliances, hardware and other industries, for example, SPCC, Q195, Q235-B cold rolled strip is mainly used in construction machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, lifting machinery, agricultural machinery and light industry and civil and other industries of the general structure and stamping parts, for example, cold rolled ordinary strip (GB716-83) is suitable for manufacturing bicycles, sewing machines, agricultural machinery and other accessories and hardware products.

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