What Is Zinc Sulfide Luminous Powder?

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Zinc sulfide luminous powder is also called short-acting luminous powder, product features: "come fast, go fast". The so-called "coming fast" refers to the short absorption time and being sensitive to the light source, and quickly showing the luminous effect: "going fast" refers to the short afterglow time. It is easy to show the characteristics of luminous effect, making it widely used in many industries and many products.
Product Features
The short-acting luminous powder is zinc sulfide luminous powder. Although the luminous time is shorter, compared with aluminate luminous powder, it has the following unique advantages:

1. Low light absorption requirements. (Can be excited by weak light source)
2. The initial brightness is high. (It can reach more than 14000mcd/㎡ when leaving the light source)
3. Water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and high temperature resistance. 4. Non-toxic, harmless, non-radiation, can be widely used safely 5. Injection molding is not easy to turn black

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