Installation And Disassembly Of NSK Bearings

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NSK bearings, NSK's main products are bearings, NSK Bearing Company, due to excellent quality and considerate service, NSK company's business is also progressing rapidly. NSK uses a well-structured intelligence network to combine the four regions of Japan, Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific into a four-pole system. Due to China's pivotal position, the development of NSK's business in China will further improve the four-pole system.


Installation and disassembly


NSK bearing installation:


1. Before installing the imported bearing on the shaft, you must first unplug the fixed pin of the bearing housing, and at the same time, polish the journal surface smoothly and clean, and apply oil to the journal to prevent rust and lubricate (allow the bearing to rotate slightly on the shaft) .


2. Apply lubricating oil on the mating surface of the bearing seat and bearing, and put the bearing into the bearing seat. Then put the assembled bearing on the shaft together with the NSK bearing seat. Push it to the desired position for installation.


3. Do not tighten the bolts that fix the bearing seat, but allow the bearing housing to rotate in the bearing seat. Also install the bearing and seat on the other end of the same shaft, rotate the shaft a few times, let the bearing itself automatically find its position. Then tighten the bearing seat bolts.


4. Install eccentric sleeve. First put the eccentric sleeve on the eccentric step of the inner sleeve of the bearing, and tighten it by hand in the direction of rotation of the shaft. Then insert the small iron rod into or against the counterbore on the eccentric sleeve. Hit the small iron rod in the direction of rotation of the shaft. Iron rod. Make the eccentric sleeve installed firmly, and finally tighten the hexagon socket screw on the eccentric sleeve.

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