Causes Of Noise From IKO Bearings

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IKO is a registered trademark of Thomson Corporation of Japan. It is a technology and technology development-oriented manufacturer of industrial accessories. Its products are mainly needle bearings and guide rail bearings. The products produced by IKO have become representatives of high-quality brand-name products, and the promise of convenient and fast service for users is realized through a global marketing network.
Bearing noise
Gulu bearing is allowed to have a small running noise in the office. If the noise is too loud or there is abnormal noise or impact, it indicates that the bearing is faulty.

The causes of noise in Gulu bearings are more complicated. One is that the inner and outer rings of the bearing are suitable for external wear. Because of this kind of wear, it damages the proper relationship between the IKO bearing and the housing, the bearing and the shaft, causing the axis to deviate from the correct position, and abnormal noise occurs when the shaft is moving at high speed. When the bearing is tired, the metal on its surface will peel off, which will increase the radial clearance of the bearing and cause abnormal noise.
In addition, inadequate bearing lubricating oil, dry friction, and bearing breakage will cause abnormal sounds. After the cam bearing is worn out and loosened, the cage will become loose and damaged, which will also cause abnormal noise bearing damage. When the Gulu bearing is disassembled and checked, the fault and the cause of the damage can be judged based on the damage of the bearing.

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