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Is zirconium carbide ZrC a ceramic?

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The supply and prices of many other Zirconium Carbide ZrC, Zirconium Carbide ZrC Overview, Zirconium Carbide ZrC Application, Zirconium Carbide ZrC Suppliers, Zirconium Carbide ZrC Price are expected to continue to be influenced by international situations.

Zirconium carbide ZrC powder overview

Zirconium carbide (ZrC) ceramic material has high melting point, high hardness, excellent mechanical properties, high electrical conductivity (heat) rate and excellent anti-oxidative ablation performance. As one of the ultra-high temperature ceramic material systems, it can be used as heating material ZrC ceramics The lattice structure of the material is a tight cubic lattice composed of Zr atoms, and C atoms are located on the leading edge of the space shuttle's wing, supersonic scramjet, etc. lattice. Therefore, the crystal structure of ZrC ceramic material belongs to the typical NaCl face-centered cubic structure. The lattice constant of ZrC is A=0.46930nm, and the atomic radius ratio of C to Zr is 0.481.


Is zirconium carbide ZrC a ceramic?

Zirconium carbide is a very hard refractory ceramic material.

It has high corrosion resistance. Such IV-interstitial transition metal carbides are also members of ultra-high temperature ceramics or UHTCs. Strong covalent Zr-C bonds give the material a very high melting point (~3530°C), high modulus (~440GPa) and hardness (25GPa).

 Zirconium Carbide ZrC Melting Point

Zirconium carbide has a melting point of 3532 °C (6390 °F).

 Zirconium carbide ZrC thermal conductivity.

The thermal conductivity of ZrC is 20.5 W/m K, the electrical conductivity (resistivity ~ 43 μΩcm)

Application of zirconium carbide ZrC powder

Zirconium carbide ZrC powder particles have the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, high temperature oxidation resistance, excellent toughness and thermal conductivity. They also have optical properties such as infrared reflectivity, high visible light absorption, and the ability to store large amounts of energy. Non-hafnium zirconium carbide and niobium carbide can be used as refractory coatings for nuclear reactors. Due to the small absorption cross section of muons and weak sensitivity to radiation damage, it can be used as a coating for uranium dioxide and thorium dioxide particles in nuclear fuel. Carbide is characterized by hardness; therefore, they can be used as drills and other wear-resistant tools. Nano-zirconium carbide ZrC powder can be used in nano-structure fields such as metallurgy, chemical industry, and aviation. Used in the textile industry to manufacture nylon, fiber and carbide thermostatic textiles. Zirconium carbide is also used in ceramic and metal matrix composites, which are also made from these nanoparticles.

coating material

Non-hafnium zirconium carbide (ZrC) and niobium carbide can be used as refractory coatings for nuclear reactors. Due to the small neutron absorption cross section and weak sensitivity to radiation damage, it can be used as a coating for uranium dioxide and thorium dioxide particles. Coatings are typically deposited in fluidized bed reactors by superheated chemical vapor deposition. It also exhibits high emissivity and high current capacity at high temperatures, making it a promising material for thermophotovoltaic radiators and field emitter tips and arrays.

Carbide Tools

Because of their hardness, cemented carbide compounds can be used as drills and other tools that require wear resistance. Zirconium carbide (ZrC) is an important high temperature structural material with high melting point, high strength and corrosion resistance. The application of cemented carbide can improve the strength and corrosion resistance of the material.

nanostructured parts

Nano zirconium carbide ZrC powder can be used in metallurgy, chemical industry, aviation and other nanostructure fields. It has been used in the textile industry to make thermostatic fabrics of nylon, fibers and carbide. Composites for ceramic and metal substrates are also made from these nanoparticles.

Zirconium Carbide ZrC Powder Price

The price of zirconium carbide ZrC powder will change randomly due to factors such as production cost, transportation cost, international situation, exchange rate, market supply and demand of zirconium carbide ZrC powder. Tanki New Materials Co.,Ltd aims to help various industries and chemical wholesalers find affordable nanomaterials and chemicals by providing a full range of customized services. If you are looking for zirconium carbide ZrC powder, please feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price of zirconium carbide ZrC powder.

Zirconium Carbide ZrC Powder Supplier

As a global supplier of zirconium carbide ZrC powders, Tanki New Materials Co.,Ltd has extensive experience in the performance, application and cost-effective manufacturing of advanced and engineered materials. The company has successfully developed a series of powder materials (including oxides, carbides, nitrides, single metals, etc.), high-purity targets, functional ceramics, structural devices, and can provide OEM services.

More information about Zirconium Carbide ZrC Powder

Zirconium Carbide ZrC Properties (Theoretical)

Compound Formula


Molecular Weight




Melting Point

3,532° C (6,390° F)

Boiling Point

5,100° C (9,212° F)



Solubility in H2O


Exact Mass


Monoisotopic Mass





Zirconium Carbide ZrC Health & Safety Information

Signal Word


Hazard Statements


Hazard Codes

F, Xn

Risk Codes


Safety Statements


RTECS Number


Transport Information

UN 3178 4.1/PG 2

WGK Germany


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Bp announced it would give up its 19.75% stake in Rosneft, the Russian oil company.  ExxonMobil said on March 1 that it would exit about $4 billion in assets and terminate all of its Russian operations, including the Sakhalin-1 project in Russia's far East.  

India's oil ministry has asked the overseas investment arm of India's Oil and Gas Corporation to consider buying ExxonMobil's 30 percent stake in the Sakhalin 1 project in Russia's far East. ExxonMobil is the operator of the project and Indian companies already have a 20 percent stake in the project.

Because of the ever-changing international situation, the supply and prices of international bulk Zirconium Carbide ZrC, Zirconium Carbide ZrC Overview, Zirconium Carbide ZrC Application, Zirconium Carbide ZrC Suppliers, Zirconium Carbide ZrC Price are still very uncertain.

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