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Instagram post previews are working again on Twitter and will this have a positive impact on conference room digital signage promotion

Nearly a decade later, Instagram post previews are working again on Twitter

On Wednesday, Instagram made an announcement nine years in the making. Since 2012, photos shared on Instagram to Twitter can only appear as a link in plain text. From now on, Instagram links will include previews of images, just as they did before Instagram was sold to Facebook, where competitive pressures and professional competition exacerbated our user experience.

Now, Instagram proudly announces that you can now see previews of Instagram posts on Twitter. Once you type any Instagram links into Twitter, they automatically change to a card format.

Sure, that sounds like a great feature, but you might be wondering, why was not it there in the first place? Instagram Twitter account keeps saying "They said it would never happen." What is going on?

In fact, that feature did exist until Facebook bought Instagram a decade ago. Twitter then blocked Instagram from using its API to prevent people from finding Their Twitter friends on Instagram. Instagram then retaliated by preventing Twitter from embedding Instagram posts into tweets when users shared Instagram links.

"They said it would never happen," Instagram tweeted On Wednesday. In fact, few foresaw this reversal. The road to peace includes wine, pizza and backyard deals -- but to really appreciate what is happening, you have to start from the moment it all falls apart.

When Instagram launched in October 2010, it was probably the easiest way to share photos on Twitter. At the time, Twitter could not even host photos itself; You have to publish through third-party services like Yfrog and Photobucket. Thanks to slick filters, Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular ways to post photos on Twitter.

That all began to change in April 2012, when Facebook bought Instagram for $715 million. Twitter also tried to buy the company but lost out to Mark Zuckerberg. Mr. Zuckerberg has promised to help Systrom and its co-founder, Mike Krieger, reach a global scale with minimal disruption. Dorsey took the defeat personally and has since stopped Posting on Instagram. A few months later, Twitter blocked Instagram access to its image, preventing users from quickly finding their friends.

Then, in December, Facebook retaliated: Photos shared from Instagram would no longer appear on Twitter timeline. As Sarah Frier explains in her book No Filter, Facebook executives believed that enabling photo preview would only help Twitter grow and increase its inventory of available ads. So the company canceled the link preview, and Twitter was so outraged that it leaked a story to The New York Times alleging that Strom had perjured himself in the sale to Facebook. (No results except bad feelings.)

Nine years passed. The co-founder of Instagram left Facebook in 2018. By then, Instagram had 1 billion users, most of whom were younger than those on Facebook. Twitter entered a long period of stagnation that began to thaw only in the past two years when the company added hundreds of employees and began rolling out new products at a rapid pace under Kayvon Beykpour, it is head of product.

At the same time, Twitter is increasingly open to cross-platform collaborations. It started a popular and hilarious Instagram account. It shares tweets directly to Instagram stories. It also started embedding YouTube videos directly into Twitter.

Especially given his parent company ambition to build a more integrated world than it is today -- a goal Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared with me this summer when he announced the company shift to the metaverse.

"More and more platforms are going to need to figure out how to be more open," Mosseri said. "It is tricky. Data portability is a huge privacy issue. I think we need to figure that out as an industry."

In the end, all it really takes to end the Instagram-Twitter battle is time and a willingness to put user needs ahead of strategic anxieties.

"People do not live off one product," Beykpour said. He noted that Twitter also rolled out its Snapchat integration in December. "They navigate between the two. So I think it is important to make these crossings convenient and colorful."

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The market distribution of conference room digital signage

In terms of regional market pattern, North America and EMEA are the most severely affected regions this year, which are expected to decrease by 7.7% to 6.7% respectively, and their share will also decrease accordingly. China is now slowly recovering from the impact of the epidemic, and stimulated by new infrastructure policies, the Chinese market conference room digital signage is expected to maintain the world fastest growth rate of about 3.8% this year.

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