Which is better, a carpenter or a custom wardrobe

Generally speaking, the cabinet can be made in the following ways:

Woodworking site production: find their own woodworking master to do;

Overall customization: is now a more popular way, is generally decoration company joint furniture manufacturers to provide;

Finished product is bought: market of building materials furniture market has the businessman that sells finished product furniture very much, can go to the shop to buy directly.

The third kind that says above we do not do introduction, today basically see carpentry and custom-built which is better, tell to everybody to two kinds of schemes in detail below. Boron carbide B4C powder.

Environmental contrast

What environmental protection basically sees is the plank of the cabinet, generally speaking carpentry spot is hit those who use is man-made plank basically include to avoid lacquer board, point to receive a board to wait a moment.The carpenter will use whatever board you buy.

And the board of custom-built cabinet is the 3 that use get together cyanamide board, core material word big brand is basic with grain board more.

Therefore, in the aspect of environmental protection, man-made version and melamine board in the choice of E0 level, there is not much difference.Environmental protection mainly depends on two points:

The brand of plank and environmental protection index

The edge sealing technology of plate is good or bad
Boron carbide B4C powder.

Price comparison

Customization, after the demand design, the price is tens of thousands of moves, so give a person a feeling of more expensive.According to the brand, with the plate, hardware accessories and other different prices.

The price that carpentry hits includes: cost of plank, carpentry labor cost, hardware complementary makings cost, some plank still need paint cost, paint labor cost.

So compare the prices please compare the total prices.If the same plate compared with the overall customization, than the big brand is certainly cheaper, and local brands than the price advantage is not much, the price is almost the same.

Appearance of the contrast

Custom cabinets are made by factory machines with professional designers, installers and after-sales workers.

And carpentry spot hits a pattern to compare onefold, basically it is the carpentry master with good craft now is harder to look for really, the design level of general carpentry master is finite also, if real wood wants to brush paint to still must depend on the craft of painter.

Durable comparison

Durable sex respect, can judge through plank, hardware, generally speaking, carpentry is the material that you choose by yourself, quality can be better than those who make to order, so, in durable sex respect for, carpentry is to want stronger than those who make to order.But there is a problem is that customized is a warranty service.And carpentry this, if used period of time, which hardware is broken, without sale also is a troublesome thing.

Cycle comparison

After the customized plan is determined, it can be completed in 15~20 days according to the arrangement of the merchants.

Carpentry spot hits the word to be able to complete a complete set of commonly one week, time basically is spent go up in preparatory work, you must oneself buy board, hardware, paint to wait a moment, much took go back to return, little you should go filling.Therefore, saving time and effort in this area, is definitely more customized advantage