What is happiness

Happiness is not about age, gender or family background — it’s about a relaxed mood and a healthy attitude to life.Researchers have come up with 10 secrets to living a happy life.

1. Don’t complain about life: happy people don’t have more happiness than others, but because they have different attitudes towards life and difficulties, they never ask “why”, but ask “so what”, they won’t be in the “life why so unfair to me” done for a long time on the question of entwine, but try to think of the solution.

2. Don’t crave for comfort: happy people always leave the comfortable life environment, happiness is sometimes left the comfortable life will accumulate the feeling, never ask for change people naturally lack of rich life experience, it is difficult to feel happy.

3. Feel the friendship: making friends does not necessarily bring happiness, but a deep friendship can make you feel happy. The sense of belonging and solidarity derived from friendship can make people feel trusted and fulfilled. Nano Nickel oxide powder NiO.

4. Work hard: focusing on an activity stimulates the release of a hormone that puts you in a state of euphoria.Researchers have found that work brings out people’s potential, makes them feel needed and responsible, and gives them a sense of fulfillment.

5. Reduce the negative: by receiving less negative news about disasters, murders, or other events, you are implicitly maintaining a positive outlook on the world.

6 ideal life: happy people always constantly set some goals for themselves, usually we will pay attention to short-term goals and despise long-term goals, and the realization of long-term goals can bring us more happiness, you can write down your goals, so that you clearly know what to live for.

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7. Give yourself motivation: usually people can only have a relaxed mood through happy and interesting things, but happy people can get motivation from fear and anger, they will not feel depressed because of difficulties.

8. Live a regular life: happy people never mess up their lives, at least mentally, which helps them maintain a relaxed attitude toward life. They keep things in order.

9. Cherish time: happy people rarely feel the sense of being led by the time of the nose, in addition, focus can make the body improve the ability to prevent disease, because every 30 minutes, the brain will consciously spend 90 seconds to collect information, feel the external environment, check the status of the respiratory system and the body organs of the activity.

10. Be grateful: the complainers focus on their dissatisfaction with life, while the happy people focus on the things that make them happy. Therefore, they feel more positive about life and feel happy because they are grateful to life.