Use 10 cleaning techniques to free your hands

Furniture cleanness is indispensable in our daily life alleviate also often need the problem that considers, so how efficient cleanness?

Coup 1: milk wipe
Milk is a very good thing.Can let us complement nutrition not only, also have very big use above maintaining furniture.Of course, we can use the home did not drink or expired milk to wipe clean wooden furniture, decontamination effect is great oh ~
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Coup 2: egg white wipe
Egg white can be used to clean the furniture that makes with coriaceous, while cleanness besmirch, still can carry bright coriaceous brightness, make coriaceous furniture looks brand-new.

Coup 3: tea clean
Drink the tea water that remain to do not want urgent pour out, can use gauze to wrap tea to wipe the furniture that had gone up to paint, can remove dirt quickly, more bright and clean and bright.
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Coup 4: alcohol cleans
Alcohol is a good way to clean a plush sofa.Dip in with wool brush the alcohol that has had a few dilute is brushed one side, reoccupy after this is blown dry with hairdryer, can have very good clean effect, still can antiseptic disinfection.

Tip 5: salt cleaning
Carpet can say is a place that cleans very hard, not only have a lot of dirt, still have all sorts of oily be soiled etc.At this time we can use salt to come clean, the moisture that USES clean dishcloth to suck carpet first dry, sprinkle on besmirch place next a few salt, wait for after salt infiltration is absorbed, reoccupy cleaner sucks salt can.

Coup 6: ice cleaning
What if I drop my gum on the carpet?Hard pull is hard to get down, but also easy to pull off the carpet hair.At this point we can use ice.Pack the ice in a bag and cover the gum for about 30 minutes.

Tip 7: toothpaste cleans
Use toothpaste to remove grime from the covers of refrigerators, microwaves and other appliances.Toothpaste contains abrasives that are highly decontaminating.Dip a cloth in a small amount of toothpaste to clean the grime on the refrigerator’s casing.

Tip 8: radish cleaning
Oil stains are one of the most common and persistent stains in the kitchen.On the dressing table, there are many grease stains.We can use the white radish that cuts to match cleaner to clean mesa, can produce the cleanness effect that expect is less than.

Coup 9: cling film cleaning
Cling film cleanness is the method that a lot of people choose nowadays, especially office worker, stick cling film on the metope that is close to kitchen oven on.Because cling film is easy the characteristic that adheres to, add show transparent shape, naked eye is not easy to detect, wait for a few weeks to cling film is covered on smeary, need to tear cling film gently only, lay on a layer afresh can, a bit effortless, it is very good lazy cleanness method to busy office worker.

Tip 10: apple core cleaning
Apple core contains pectin, and pectin has the effect of very strong purify oily dirty, the cistern in the kitchen often has a smeary, if just had eaten an apple by chance, usable stone is oily dirty swab, simple and convenient.