The influence of family environment on the development of children

The influence of family environment on the development of children

The importance of family environment to the development of children is self-evident, it is the first environment since the birth of children, is the cradle of children’s growth, parents are children’s first enlightenment teachers.After entering the new century, the healthy development of children has become a topic of universal concern.It is necessary to study the influence of family environment on children’s character.

Limited by various reasons, many parents do not realize the importance of family environment to children’s character, which brings indelible negative influence to children’s life.

1. Authoritarian.Some parents take care of their children all at once.Although children are still young and not strong in practical ability, they still have some independent ability. They are eager to have their own small world and want their parents to give them some freedom.But because of their parents’ single-handedly, they can only obey unconditionally.As for the standard of behavior, right and wrong, also by the parents dictatorial decision, the child can not ask the reason, can only obey unconditionally.From this kind of family environment out of the children, independence and autonomy are poor, more likely to form a dependent, naive and neurotic character.

2. The permissive type.Due to the implementation of the family planning policy in our country, now most families have only one child, whether it is a boy or a girl, parents regard it as a treasure.They are full of love and expectations for their children, lack of due control and requirements, accept or turn a blind eye to their children’s behaviors that violate the rules, and lose the sense of propriety and rationality for their love.Children who grow up with parents’ doting care tend to be selfish, capricious, domineering and unreasonable, and cannot get along well with other peers.

3. Tough.Some parents overestimate their children’s abilities. They bet all the dreams they failed to realize when they were young on their children, only allowing them to develop along the track set by themselves.Little imagine, the child has his growth law, nappy miao abet can be just the opposite to what one wishes only.Strict parents set countless boxes for their children, no children this way, no children that way.Children who grow up in such a family environment will not feel the warmth of the family or the care from their parents. Therefore, children who grow up in such a family environment are prone to form impulsive, indifferent and withdrawn character defects.