Over 75% of household water purifier filter element is not standard

Over 75% of household water purifier filter element is not standard

March 22~28 is the 32nd China water week.Many neighborhoods have installed water purifiers at their terminals to deal with the possible contamination of tap water during transportation from a water plant to a home.Survey data shows that more than 75 percent of households do not change the filter standard.The expert reminds neighbour, this is equivalent to bring pollution source into the home, suggest neighbour asks to change regularly according to instruction. Titanium hydride powder.

City water company related staff told reporters, factory water quality and the quality of tap water at home are different, such as nanzhou water factory factory water quality meets the eu standard for direct drinking water, but in the transport process, engineering construction, secondary water supply facilities rust and other reasons often cause secondary pollution, affecting the terminal water quality.Inadequate maintenance of secondary water supply facilities jointly owned by the community owners is one of the reasons for the differences.

Reporter discovery, clean water product already became the standard that more and more families match, also some village develop business to install large purifier directly after giving dweller in the home direct drinking water.However, a situation that is easy to be ignored by the neighbors is that the installation of water purifier is different from that of traditional household appliances. Water purification products have higher demand and dependence on after-sales service due to the characteristics of filter element consumables and water quality safety directly related to health, etc. Titanium hydride powder.

At the weekend in haizhu everbright garden, a neighbor told the reporter, for “when to replace the filter element”, “after the purification of water quality is safe”, “water purifier aging, whether there are safety risks”, “water purifier removal and washing time and energy, how to maintain” and other issues, which has become the current general obsession with the main problem of neighborhood water.

Water purification director of a domestic water purifier brand told reporters, survey user data shows that the age of 45 years old and above neighborhood, almost all think that the filter element of water purifier does not need to be replaced;Only 25 percent of 35 – to 45-year-olds regularly replace their filters.And once the pipe network rust, often less than half a year, will be dirty filter element.These filters will breed bacteria after their service life. If the filter element is not changed, it will lead to the pollution source.

Replace the advice

Different types of filter elements have different service time.For example, it is recommended to replace PP polypropylene melt jet filter element with a cycle of 6 months, particle activated carbon filter element with a cycle of 9 months, sintered activated carbon filter element with a cycle of 1 year, and ultrafiltration membrane filter element with a cycle of 2 years.