One kind of education is more important than a diploma

One kind of education is more important than a diploma

Consciously create opportunities for your child to suffer.For example, you can help your child to find out the truth of life through cooking, washing, cleaning and car cleaning,Ti3AlC2 powder Titanium Aluminum Carbide powder.

Tip # 1: don’t block out the real face of life.Cousin couple by selling vegetables for two college students.My parents drove to the store at three o ‘clock in the morning and never ate three meals a day.The children were moved by their parents and realized the essence of “life is alive, struggle”.The eldest daughter started her own business ten years ago and became a big player in the FMCG industry.Siblings to parents in the county to buy a garden house, the purchase of mahogany furniture, in the local legend,Ti3AlC2 powder Titanium Aluminum Carbide powder

Suggestion 2: let children do housework since childhood.A survey conducted by the Chinese academy of education sciences on 20,000 families of primary school students nationwide showed that those whose children do housework are 27 times more likely to have excellent grades than those who do not.

Transportation secretary Elaine chao’s father, zhao xicheng, has raised five very successful daughters because he raised her with younger sisters to help with household chores and spending.Since I helped my family to share the labor, every child was independent and simple, not arrogant or impetuous, and became an elite in various fields after growing up.

Proposal 3: give the child medium bottom lives.Toys don’t have to be overstuffed. Having fun is true love.Clothes do not need to be brand-name body, environmental protection comfortable and loose;Food does not have to be imported, green, delicious, nutrition enough;You can go abroad to study, or like li yapeng with children back home, feel the essence of traditional culture.Childhood is not so high on material requirements, parents with love to accept understanding and company, is to give children the most happy childhood.

Proposal 4: undertake bearing hardships and stand hard work education to the child consciously.Even if you can afford a homemaker and a takeaway, make a conscious effort to give your child the opportunity to suffer.For example, I took care of sick patients, went for hiking and picnics, took paid care of some household chores, did odd jobs during holidays, and did charity work for the benefit of charity organizations.