Of bedroom layout 9 taboo

Of bedroom layout 9 taboo
Tired a day body and mind all returns a bedroom to rest sleep, if the design layout of the bedroom is unreasonable, also can affect our morpheus quality, for example the following 9 kinds of design means need to avoid.

The bed cannot face the door
The biggest effect of the bed is to offer a person to rest, morpheus, if the bed is facing a door, if be able to see the case on the bed from the outside of the bedroom, to the person that sleeps on the bed without concealed sex, can cause pressure because of the uneasiness on the psychology, lack safe feeling, affect morpheus quality thereby. Zinc Sulfide powder ZnS.

The head of a bed should not be facing the mirror
The head of a bed should not be opposite the mirror, because the mirror reflects other things, when a person is in the state of vague consciousness, see the image in the mirror may be frightened because of this.The proposal adds garment mirror in chest, chest door closes at ordinary times cannot see, also do not need to take up bedroom space.

There should be no beams above the bed
Contemporary psychology research discovers, if there is beam or large lamps and lanterns above the bed, subconscious in can feel oppressive, a person is surrounded by oppressive feeling, as time passes, morpheus is disturbed, regular meeting makes nightmare, disturbed.Because this suggests the bedroom USES contracted lamps and lanterns, the floor lamp that can assist to use the light downy in bedside or desk lamp.

The bedside taboo is next to the toilet
Behind the head of a bed cannot be the metope that installs toilet closestool, because this wall is damp and bacterium is more, the head is right this wall can affect the person’s body health. Zinc Sulfide powder ZnS

The head of the bed cannot be suspended
Some people tilt their beds to create an atmosphere and not rely on a wall, or they hang their head above a beam to avoid it.The head of a bed suspends directly, or turn head to sleep, can cause morpheus quality bad.If there is no solid wall at the head of the bed due to space design problems, you can use a cabinet instead.

Do not place 6 beds below air conditioning
When the person is in morpheus condition, capillary pore can open slightly.Bed finds a place for in air conditioning lower part, cold air is blown ceaselessly to human body, place so, light person often cold, the person that weigh can cause the nerve of head, shoulder, neck is tense, muscle is ossified.

The bed should not face the window
The head of a bed had better not face the window.Otherwise windy and rainy weather, easy wind chill, resulting in damage to health.

Do not have large electrical appliances
Acoustics, TV wait for electric equipment to be able to have radiation commonly, the head is in for a long time below the condition that be radiated can produce interference to cerebrum!In addition, because the mobile phone has radiation, so at night must boot, it is recommended to be placed away from the first meter position.

Don’t hang pictures by the bed
The head of a bed upper part or front do not hang tiger, Wolf etc. Fierce animal picture, the head of a bed do not hang clock, wind bell etc. Make a person sleep not peaceful adorn article.Otherwise a long time, easy to cause insomnia.