Newborn sleep time

Newborn sleep time

Getting enough sleep is one of the prerequisites for a healthy baby.The age is smaller morpheus time is longer, the baby is born inside a few days everyday morpheus can amount to 20 hours, divide lactation namely outside, be in morpheus condition basically.

Comfortable sleeping position

Normally, most newborns sleep on their backs because this position relaxes the muscles of the body and minimizes pressure on the heart, gastrointestinal tract and bladder.However, supine sleep, because the root of the tongue department relax and fall backward, will affect the airway patency, at this time should be closely observed newborn sleep.For the baby sleeping on the side, parents should timely adjust the left and right directions, so as not to cause partial face phenomenon.Prone sleeping position is not recommended for newborn babies, which is prone to accidental suffocation.

Optimal sleep environment

Babies should sleep in a warm and comfortable place.It is recommended that the baby be placed in a cradle or crib with protective bars on either side of the bed.Sleep to 24 ℃, 25 ℃, environment temperature humidity 50% advisable.Don’t wear it too thick for baby.Because the baby’s head temperature about 3 ℃ lower than the body temperature.High temperature, will make the baby fidgety, thus disrupting the normal sleep.When nocturnal morpheus, the light cannot too strong, build a downy and quiet environment as far as possible.

Coax sleeping taboo

When a baby is crying and does not sleep, parents will come up with various ways to coax bao bao to sleep, but some incorrect methods will bring adverse to the baby’s health.Shake sleep: because shake make the baby’s brain inside cranial cavity concussion, cause cerebral tissue surface small blood vessel rupture, light person produces epilepsy, intelligence is low, limb is paralytic, serious person may appear cerebral oedema, cerebral hernia endangers the life.Sleep with: the mother is sleeping after not paying attention to the baby may pressure, causing suffocation of the child.

To go to sleep tips

Pat baby: after the baby sleep, if his mood is not too stable, the mother can hum a children’s song, pat baby, give him a comfortable heart and absolute security.Soft music: choose some soft music to help your baby sleep.You know, babies have a natural taste for music!Sleeping with the back light: the baby ADAPTS to the dark sleeping environment when staying in the mother’s belly.So you can let the baby sleep toward the direction of backlight, let him slowly adapt.

Sleep care

In addition to the newborn milk, the other time is almost in a sleep state, newborn need to sleep about 20 hours a day or more.Sleep time and quality to some extent determine whether this period of good baby development.Therefore must create the good sleeping environment for the baby, if the baby sleeps uneasily, must see whether to give the baby to wrap too many, or other reasons.Do not need to give newborn baby with a pillow, pillow adverse baby development, can give the baby under the head cushion a towel, three months after the need for a pillow.