Lifetime credits

Lifetime credits

Not long ago, after a 17-month battle against cancer, kai-fu lee once again appeared in the public eye, sharing his new understanding of life in more than a year: “live to die, and make up for death credits.”

Before he was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, the man known as the “dream maker” and the “godfather of entrepreneurship” was a pure workaholic who liked to talk to colleagues about who could reply to emails faster, who could sleep less, and who had no time for his parents, wife or children.He pursues “to be the best of himself, the world is different because of you”, but gradually lost in the desire for fame and wealth.

It wasn’t until he was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma that doctors even advised him to write a will.Pick up the pen, his brain like to explode, is this life over?When he wrote down the names of his family one by one, he suddenly found that the biggest regret in his life was that he didn’t spend enough time with them, instead of those unfinished jobs and dreams.

Lee thought of his father, who had passed away, and regretted that he had not known his father better when he was still alive, nor had he let his father know him better.He thought of his mother to pay a lifetime, once he thought to see her is filial piety, but just sitting on the side of the phone, no communication with his mother.Now that his mother has lost her memory, he regrets that he could not tell her that his son loves her and thanks her when she still has memories.

The disease is a disaster for kai-fu lee, but it is also an opportunity for rebirth.These painful realizations finally woke him up.The daughter tells li kaifu, everything happens for a reason, the occurrence of the disease is to let him live later more healthy, understand that career is not the whole of life, but really with his family together.

Fortunately, lee still had time to make up for these important life credits.Seventeen months of treatment had given him plenty of time to spend with his family.Talk with the old mother, memories of those she has forgotten the past, kiss her vicissitudes of life face;After his illness, he spent more time alone with his wife than he had in the past 30 years. Before that, she had taken on a lot of trifles and pressure alone. From then on, he would like to be a good husband who supports and helps his wife and carries all the pressure together with her.There are two lovely daughters, also because of illness and more with his father to get along with the sweet time…

After 17 months of thinking, kai-fu lee felt small. Although he had a successful career, he was still in the primary state in the class of life, and there were too many life credits to be learned.He summed up the seven lessons learned this time: 1.Everything has a reason for it.3 cherish fate, learn to Thanksgiving and love;Learn to live, live in the moment;Avoid temptation.Everyone is equal, treat everyone well;What is life for?

In fact, everyone needs to take many credits in his life, such as courage, strong, tolerance, how to love and accept, how to face rejection, how to understand others, how to face death…These credits may have nothing to do with grades, career, fame and fortune, but they are the most important and indispensable in life, and they can make us truly gain happiness.