Home security screening

Home security screening

1. The wiring of domestic electrical appliances is disordered and non-standard due to decoration and increasing electrical equipment and other reasons, forming potential hidden dangers.

2. The switch is improperly installed, and the protector is grazed at the lead of the wire, resulting in short circuit and fire when the switch is disconnected.

3. The working voltage and working current of the electrical appliances are inconsistent with the power used, resulting in long-term overload and excessive temperature, which may lead to fire.

4, the pendant lamp pedestal with socket match of the power line section is small and use power over ambassador core wire heating fire.

5. If the plug is damaged, do not replace it in time. Use the naked wire head instead of the plug, which will cause short circuit or spark and cause combustible fire.

6. When a fuse is blown, hot metal particles fall off. If there is any combustible material underneath, it will cause combustion.

7. The family use of gas, natural gas and other combustible gas, such as leakage, when mixed with air to reach the explosion limit, open the electrical switch will cause a fire or explosion.