Home, good management, must be happy


A fierce war broke out between the lion and the tiger.

When the lion was about to die, he said to the tiger, “if you hadn’t insisted on taking my place, we wouldn’t have made it like this.”The tiger was surprised and said, “I never thought of taking your territory. I always thought you were going to invade me!”

Perspective: communication is a key component of family happiness.Have what word to do not hold back in abdomen, communicate with family member more, also let family member understand him more, can avoid a lot of senseless misunderstanding and contradiction so.

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Two birds live together. The male bird collects a nest full of nuts for the female to keep.

The male thought that the female had eaten it, so he pecked it to death. A few days later, after several rains, the air became moist and the nuts swelled into a full nest.At this time the male very penitence ground say: “is me to mistake female bird!”

Opinion: trust one another and many happy families are ruined by doubts and jealousies.So keep faith in your family and don’t let suspicion ruin the happiness of your family.


Two crows in the tree to scold up, they more scold more fierce, more noisy more excited, finally a crow picked up the same as a dozen to the other crow.

The object cracked when it hit the other crow, and the bird found that it was an unhatched egg.

Hafnium Hydride Powder HfH2 ,Point of view: at home, we should treat things calmly, especially when encountering problems and contradictions, we should keep our reason and not be impulsive. Impulse can not solve the problem, but will make it worse. In the end, it is the whole family that suffers the loss.、


The lamb invited the dog to have a meal. He prepared a table of fresh grass.

After a few days, the dog invited the lamb to dinner, the dog thought: I can’t be as mean as the lamb, I must use the most sumptuous dinner to entertain it.So the dog prepared a good table ribs, the lamb also can not eat a mouthful.

Opinion: sometimes, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.Don’t impose your own ideas on your family. When you encounter problems, try to put yourself in their shoes. In this way, you will have a better understanding of your family.


The little pig began to learn to make cakes, but his cakes always tasted bad.He asked the cock master, and the cock thought, and asked him what the cake was made of.”To avoid waste,” said the little pig, “all he used for the cake were rotten eggs.

“Remember, only with good ingredients can you make a good cake,” said the rooster to the pig.

Opinion: yes, only good ingredients can make a good cake. Similarly, only happy mood can make a happy family.So, before entering the house, please throw away all the troubles outside and come home with a smiling face.If all the family members can do this, then the family will be the happiest.