Family factors in the formation of crime

Family factors in the formation of crime

Family faetors in crime is a kind of micro social environment factor that influences crime.The family is the microcosmic social group that the individual contacts the earliest, it is the first executive that undertakes socialization to the individual.Children are influenced by the family environment and atmosphere in their whole life, and receive the education and influence from their parents intentionally or unintentionally, forming early life experience, behavior rules and social attitudes, etc., thus laying a foundation for the formation and development of individual personality.The bad family environment is an important factor for the formation of individual criminal psychology especially juvenile criminal psychology.

The following family types are closely related to the formation of individual criminal psychology:

(l) families with bad behaviour.The main members of the family, especially the parents, have bad behavior, immoral behavior or illegal criminal behavior, through their intentional instigation or unintentional words and deeds model, harmful influence on the children.

(2) defective families.The destruction of family structure, such as early death of parents, divorce, remarriage, etc. destroys the parent-child relationship, loses the warmth and upbringing of the family, and is not conducive to the healthy development of children’s personality.

(3) unhappy families.Tension between family members, often conflict, not conducive to the healthy development of children’s mental health, is also one of the factors causing adult crime.

(4) improper parenting style.Parents’ low education level and improper parenting methods, such as doting, autocracy and indulgence, as well as inconsistent attitudes and extravagant hopes, lead to the formation of children’s bad psychological quality.