Family civilization convention

In order to create a harmonious family atmosphere and create a family that is conducive to the physical and mental development of each family member, the following conventions are hereby formulated:1, equal members of the family, to share the housework, mutual understanding, mutual respect, mutual support, step-by-step to build the atmosphere of family harmony and the efforts of 2, room yourself, keep clean and tidy, clean, wash his own clothes (active stakeholder in addition to outside), children’s clothes to wash, don’t shuffle didn’t escape 3, to pursue the economical principle, not disorderly spend money, not to mention the demand management, save water and electricity, gas and other energy 4, aged respected, help each other, to other people’s thoughts, appeal to listen carefully, helps his family members solution difficult, should try our best to meet the reasonable requirements,Cannot delay cannot escape from 5, treat the old man want to have the sense of responsibility, to treat the patient to patient and treat children to attentive caring, have persistence heart to treat love, treat relatives eager 6, pay attention to neighborhood unity, treat people with courtesy, meet the neighborhood to smile regards, pay attention to community health, don’t throw adopted There, don’t disorderly parking LuanZhan parking, do not take up public area 7, every family member’s birthday, the family day to keep in mind, and actively celebrate 8, reasonable arrangement of time, the collective travel regularly, loosen body and mind, promote emotion, enrich their knowledge, will often read, read good books, reading atmosphere is formed within the family,10 parents should be role models, no littering, no smoking, drinking too much, not gambling, watch TV in the evening not more than 10 points, 11, family members said words to be polite when minors play in with a friend in the home to mutual comity, true don’t rob don’t cry, practice the spirit of “row team lined up to take turns to play”, set a good example in children 12, to be practical and realistic, honest, not words, don’t provoke is 13, for the whole family health, family members not to smoke in the room 14, reasonable arrangement of watching TV, computer time,Do not stay up late does not affect the rest and study of other family members, do not dispute the TV channel 15, family members sleep or study when talking quietly 16, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses to correct shortcomings, open-minded to accept criticism, correct mistakes without encouraging 17, early to bed and early to rise, take the initiative to exercise, comprehensive development of high quality

18, watch TV distance can not be too close, must be in more than two meters, to not keep out the eyes of others is appropriate 19, do not put things, toys, tools used up to put back to the original 20, eat things in time to throw the wrapping paper, garbage to clean up in time and sent to the outdoor trash can above 20 the whole family are in accordance with the implementation.Usually mutual supervision, at the end of the year by the father, mother presided over the family meeting, to carry out evaluation, praise and criticism.