Bridal chamber avoids the small skill that haze opens a window ventilated

Bridal chamber avoids the small skill that haze opens a window ventilated

Decorate a room to have flavour, decorate outside the room to be haze entirely, want to open a window at the same time dispersedly the paint flavour in the home, want to block haze firmly again at the same time outside the room.Today xiaobian to introduce you to a few small window ventilation skills Graphite powder.

Window opening technique one
New decorate good house, before living a person, should be in close door window condition falls, rise indoor temperature to 30 Celsius above a day later again open the window, through indoor and outdoor temperature difference accelerates contaminant to release;After living, should choose to be in at noon when giving the sun to open a window temporarily ventilated, north and south convection, the house with good permeability wants 10 minutes only good;And the house with poor permeability can extend window time to half an hour.

Window opening technique two
When encountering fog and haze weather, it is better to choose to open the window at noon, while in the morning and evening when the concentration of fog and haze is high, it is avoided to open the window.If you live near the road, try not to open Windows during the day when there is a lot of traffic. Graphite powder

Window opening technique three
To prevent the filter screen from becoming a source of pollution, the owner also needs to replace the filter screen and the movement of the fresh air system or fresh air device frequently.Generally speaking, the thinner the filter screen, the higher the replacement frequency, conventional 2-3 months can be replaced once.

Window opening technique four
In the outdoor air pollution is not very serious, quiet wind conditions can be twice a day, each time 20 minutes window ventilation.But must avoid the morning and evening rush hour and when the wind force bigger causes the dust.If encounter successive pollution day, when ventilated take a breath, can hang wet towel near screen window, can have filtering, adsorption effect so.